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Diamond blades, Segments

Gangsaw Blades Manufacturers

Gangsaw Blades Manufacturers

Diamond Segments, India

GBS Diamond segments
We produce diamond segments in India for circular blade, gang saw segments, multi blade segment for cutting marble and granite. Diamond segments are used for single saw blade from diameter 200mm to 3500mm, multi saw blade, gang saw, calibrating roller and so on. They can cut marble, granite, concrete and limestone etc. High technology segmented blades manufactured for general purpose - fast Cutting, long life, good for brick, block, stone, concrete and tiles wet or dry.

Segments are produced from latest machineries and technology. Special bond matrix with high-grade diamonds suitable for each type of application. Diamond Drill Bits are applicable for drilling of stone, concrete, and brick wall.

Diamond Segments, India
Diamond Tools India


Diamond blades for cutting marble & granite. Diamond segments for frame saws, gang saws for cutting marble & granite.

Our products are of premium quality but with reasonable and competitive prices.

Gang saw blades, Diamond Cutting Blades
Diamond gang saw blades are mainly used for cutting marble and granite slabs. The advantages are fast cutting speed, high cutting precision, long cutting life, high smoothness of slab, high efficiency and reduced power consumption. GBS diamond blades are suitable for cutting various hard non-metallic materials, such as marble, granite, ceramic concrete, asphalt and refractory, etc.

Our diamond gang-saw blades are specially made with the highest level of performance and the longest life while yielding the highest value.

Laser welding of the diamond segments assures superior strength and provides fast, smooth-cutting with long service life.

These diamond saw blades have the highest level of performance and will make even the toughest sawing job easier and more profitable.

For the precision cutting of natural stones, the gang saw blades of variable dimensions and capacities are serving all types of marbles and other materials plants for well-shaped blocks.

GBS is a professional manufacturer of diamond tools such as diamond cutting tools, electroplated diamond tools, diamond saw blades, diamond wet cutting blades, high speed saw blades, walking and wall saw blades.

GBS Blades : Technical Detail
[Pl. Click this link for Technical specification of GBS Gangsaw Blades]

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